To Boldly Go Where No Podcast Has Gone Before: Customer Success!

To Boldly Go Where No Podcast Has Gone Before: Customer Success!

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Customer Success seems to be on the tips of everyone’s tongues lately, from high-profile venture capitalists to executives at growing software companies interested in driving adoption, engagement and retention. Our industry is featured in top business forums, television, print media, and across the blogosphere and social networks. But there’s one place customer success has barely made a footprint: in the world of podcasting. While there are some great cloud technology and software podcasts out there, there’s never before been a podcast dedicated specifically and exclusively to the topic of Customer Success for cloud software companies.

As our team considered our next content project for the new year, creating a Customer Success podcast sounded like an incredible idea. Frontleaf co-founders Rachel English and Tom Krackeler couldn’t wait to disseminate information on Customer Success topics while honoring that ever-precious resource: your time. It’s never been easier to listen to podcasts to and from the office, the gym, and while multitasking.

We’d never produced a podcast before, but we didn’t let that stop us. With some late nights spent researching the best microphones, software, recording processes, editing, hosting, and more, we were on our way to our MVP: the minimum viable podcast! We encountered some minor bumps in the road, but after a bit of testing, we were successful in recording and releasing our first two episodes, which are now available.

You can subscribe free via iTunes, add as a favorite on Stitcher, listen directly through our website, or just push play below to hear the first episode:

(More formats are coming soon!)

Our first episode, So You Want to Build A Customer Success Team?, tackles building your first Customer Success team from scratch, and some tricks for getting it right. In episode two, Customer Success Traps and How to Escape Them, Rachel and Tom discuss surprise churn, "Old School" CEOs, customer-product misfits, and other common traps that Customer Success teams fall victim to, plus some ideas for how to avoid them.

We’ve just recorded another yet-to-be-released episode with Service Rocket’s Bill Cushard (read his great interview with Tom in the meantime) as our first guest, and we look forward to welcoming other Customer Success expert guests to share their thoughts and expertise on Customer Success topics in future episodes.

As this is the first podcast exclusively focused on Customer Success, we aim to ensure it's an informative and inspiring source of information and discussion among our fast-growing community. We’re just getting started, and welcome any feedback or future episode topic suggestions. We hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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