Frontleaf's mission is to transform the way SaaS companies serve their customers.


And we don’t aspire to this by accident. In our previous experiences leading SaaS businesses and developing Customer Success operations, we pined for a solution to help us better understand and create value for our customers. We cobbled together tools meant for sales, marketing, and customer support, and fought for engineering resources to fill in the gaps. With some clever hacks and a hazy view, we were able to exceed benchmarks for customer conversion, retention and expansion. But we weren’t satisfied... and we talked with many executives at other SaaS companies who felt the same way. We all needed a solution specifically designed to drive successful customer outcomes in a recurring revenue business. And so we built Frontleaf, to create value for our customers and theirs.

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  • Tom is a technology entrepreneur and leader who has spent the last 15 years at Convio and GetActive Software building SaaS applications that make a positive impact on the world. He specializes in developing that rare enterprise product that customers actually love to use and delivering programs to drive customer success. Tom is renowned for never taking the same route twice on his daily commute but always following the map while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

  • Rachel has served customers for the better part of the past 15 years, and has built and led thought-leading customer success teams. Through those experiences, and as a regular customer herself, she has developed a proven philosophy and methodology for creating customer success. Rachel believes that companies and their customers are only truly successful together, and she understands the building blocks and the details needed to compound that effect. When Rachel isn’t busy making new programs, processes, products, teams or companies happen, she helps new babies happen as a birth doula.

  • Karl is an engineer and entrepreneur who founded and sold two other software companies prior to Frontleaf. He has broad expertise building interactive, data-intensive, cloud-based web applications. He has always considered his "customers" to include not just the folks paying the bills, but also his coworkers in every department outside engineering. He's happy to be building an application that is specifically dedicated to the needs of customer success teams. Karl is known for his strange (but mostly harmless) sense of humor and for his total lack of fashion sense. He is a dog person but has been won over by the occasional cat.

  • Greg is an engineer who has spent his career designing and building services to wring efficiency from subscription business models. Before Frontleaf, he spent 8 years as Chief Architect at Zipcar. Greg particularly enjoys collaboration with customers and colleagues to turn goals into working systems. He shares Karl's belief in engineering as a "service within a service" (as well as his lack of fashion sense). He is an inveterate tinkerer, be it working on Frontleaf, fixing his children's toys, or brewing beer.


Our Advisors

image description Sheeraz Haji
  • CEO, Cleantech Group
  • Previously: CEO, GetActive Software
image description Vinay Bhagat
  • Co-Founder & CEO, TrustRadius
  • Previously: Founder & CEO/Chief Strategy Officer, Convio
image description Lyle Fong
  • Founder, Lithium Technologies
  • Previously: Co-Founder & CTO,
image description Mark Selcow
  • GM, Performance Management, Nice Systems
image description Steve Pattison
  • VP, Business Development, Polycom
  • Previously: VP, Alliances, Interwoven (acquired by Autonomy/HP)
image description Alex Chang
  • COO, Co-Founder Perfect Coffee
  • Previously: CEO, Founder
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We give our best, and help each other be our best. We put our top effort forward for every task and decision, even if it is new, uncomfortable, or daunting. (In fact, the more daunting, the better – we love a challenge!) If we need something, we go get it. Whether that’s a critical piece of software or a critical hire, we seek out the optimum solutions, information, skills, and talents wherever we need to go to find them. We hold each other accountable. We do what we say we will do. And at the end of the day, we honor and celebrate the results of our hard work.


We care about people. People are at the heart of everything we do. We wouldn’t be in the business of helping people take care of people if we didn’t care about them ourselves. So we treat our customers, team members, investors, vendors, and partners with care. We care what people think, say and do. We love to listen, to learn from what we hear, and to respond promptly and thoughtfully. We believe that caring about people is an essential piece of a profitable business strategy, and one that we strive to exemplify every day.


We’ve not only been in our customers’ shoes in the past, we’re in them right now. (Hopefully we’re not annoying them hanging out in there.) As a SaaS business focused on the enterprise ourselves, we live the same joys and pains that our customer companies do every day. We wouldn’t have it any other way. And we wouldn’t turn to anything other than Frontleaf to build and manage our own customer success programs. That’s yet another reason we’re so passionate about what we do and the tool we’re building.


We have fun. We know, everyone says that. But we really do. Partly that’s because we think what we’re working on is fun. (So if you don’t, you probably wouldn’t have fun working with us.) Partly it’s because we’re fun people, and we enjoy hanging around other fun people. But it’s also because we were founded by people with fun lives and fun families who wouldn’t want to miss out on those things to spend time on something else that wasn’t fun. We believe in hard work, great fun, and the importance of work-­fun balance.


Join Our Team

Do you do your best work as part of a small, collaborative, energetic, entrepreneurial team? Do you enjoy seeing the impact of your efforts quickly, and having your input not only received but desired and valued? Are you a creator who’s been itching to help build something new? Do you like what you’ve learned about Frontleaf? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


We're looking for foundational members of our engineering team that will not only build Frontleaf's products, but also help develop its culture. Our problem domain spans a broad range of technical challenges, and we're seeking enthusiastic, talented folks in the following areas:

  • User interface design and development for web and mobile
  • Large­scale data collection and transformation pipelines
  • Predictive analytics and machine learning
  • Data visualization and reporting
If you're intrigued, please drop us a line! JOIN THE TEAM