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Understand Customer Health Don’t settle for a superficial summary! Frontleaf breaks down your customer data silos and connects the dots so that you get deep insights into customer risk and opportunity.
It's What They Say And Do Frontleaf metrics let you instantly see what matters about your customer usage patterns, support experience, achieved values, and survey responses.
Apply Benchmarks Compare customers against their peers and identify where they stand out.
Track The Customer Journey Measure customer trajectories and trends, then find out whenever they they fall off course.
Customer Health Signals
User Personas & Insights
Discover & Act on Churn Risk It's Not Magic But Sometimes Feels That Way Frontleaf’s predictive model runs across your entire customer base each night, identifying customers that show signs of churn, trial conversion, and upsell, and getting smarter over time as more customer data accumulates. Not only are relevant customers automatically flagged for your attention, but Frontleaf articulates the best thing to do for individual customers and even entire customer segments.
Measure What Matters Product usage data is only part of the story. Use Frontleaf to calculate almost any customer activity metric you can imagine (even the complex ones!), so you can include what’s unique about your business. Compare trends in KPIs over time for users, accounts, or entire customer segments.
Manage Customer Segments For When You Work With More Than One Customer At A Time With Frontleaf you can define and analyze customer segments based on any criteria-- usage behaviors, subscription attributes, support experience, customer KPIs, you name it. Has your onboarding program improved this quarter? Who are your at-risk customers approaching renewal? Do your Enterprise customers use your product differently than SMBs? These are the kinds of questions Frontleaf makes it easy to answer.
Part 1: Define Segment Criteria
Part 2: Explore Segment Insights & Trends
Part 3: Conduct In-Depth Segment Analysis
Trigger Customer Outreach Supercharge your team’s productivity with repeatable customer success playbooks for the right mix of high­-touch and automated interactions. Frontleaf delivers customer insights into your CRM or straight to the right person’s inbox.
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