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Frontleaf + New Relic = Supercharged Customer Analytics Generate and act on predictive customer health insights by using New Relic APM & Insights with Frontleaf
The integration couldn't be easier Snap Frontleaf onto your New Relic implementation to create a predictive analytics engine that drives customer adoption, retention, and expansion.
Extending New Relic
Turn New Relic Transactions Into Actionable Insights
Avoid code maintenance headaches with a single product instrumentation strategy for collecting both usage and performance metrics.  Just define a simple taxonomy of user actions that reflect how your users get value from your application.
Uncover Customer Health Signals
Overlay usage data from New Relic with your company's subscription and revenue data.  Frontleaf enables you to identify usage patterns and other metrics that correlate with customer retention, upsell, churn, and free trial conversion.
Generate Predictive Models
Frontleaf employs a machine learning engine that incorporates your existing customer understanding, and then analyzes your ongoing customer data to classify customers according to their risk of churn or propensity to buy more.
Drive Timely Customer Outreach
We alert you right away when customers need attention, based on what they are doing and what they are achieving, not just when they holler. Use Frontleaf to monitor a combination of factors in real ­time, so you don’t end up stuck in fire drill mode or a slave to the renewal calendar.

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